The controlpanel section

-First try-




My first controlpanel-sketch

This was my very first sketch - trying to get all controls I ever may want on only one controlpanel.

First controlpanel-sketch



The first protoype - design changed a bit and much less controls

Haven't got place left to add a spinner - for know I won't need one, I've never played on this controls in real, so I wouldn't miss this so much for now. Some day I'll try these out - got some used spinners on Ebay! With the 4-way joystick, as it is very hard to find one that fits in wood and plus, there are still some games that aquire two of them, I cancelled these also, and I'll go with some easy-4-8-way-switchables instead.

First controlpanel-prototype

My first prototype of the controlpanel! It works! With this prototype made of carton I
was able to test the ergonomic feel of it - see what I've learned from it below!


The seventh controlpanel-sketch & the second protoype

Now there are quite some changes here - the button right of the 1up-start was supposed to be the shift-button to get some hidden functions like escaping & pausing the games. As some games (e.g. Gauntlet) use the start-buttons during gameplay, I didn't want to take the risk that you accidently escape the game 'cause the two start-buttons were pressed at the same time.

Second controlpanel-sketch
I decided to leave the black shift-button right of the 1up-start out - now I tried reprogramming the I-PAC and mapping the escape-function to 1up (which is again the Shift-button) and button six. 



Second controlpanel-prototype

And here in real -say hello, Shaun! This is the layout I'm currently testing - and I'm really beginning to enjoy it! :)