Sideart - quality

Here you see a close look of my sideart - be careful what you'll get! There are some dealers
out there who sell junk - mismatching colors, defective artwork, bad printing quality... I won't
give any names here, but googling in the right newsgroups for the dealer of your choice might
be a good idea.

My art is from Arcadeshop Amusements - along with Arcade Renovations they are the good
ones - at least there are many people out there who would agree!

What makes this artwork so good, beside of artwork and color-matching (this isn't as easy as
it sounds!) - they are silkscreened. During this printing method there are only real colors - for
Centipede these are magenta, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, black. So basically they take
one bottle for each of them that absolutely matches the desired result.

If you would print this on an inkjet, all these colors would be simulated - at close look you would
always see a raster of different colordots. On this silkscreened art, there are absolutely clean colors
with nothing disturbing it.

Unfortunately this wouldn't be a choice if you wanna make your own artwork - due to high
preparation work for the printers it would be rather expensive to print only one or two with this
method - $125 wouldn't be enough to cover this and this wonderful piece of artwork is worth
every cent of this!

No textures!