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This is a german arcadeshop, but might also be interesting for our international visitors! :-)
Language also available in english, so take a look there!

Welcome to

Carlos' Centipede extended

4000+ games in one cab - thanks to MAME and Visual Pinball!



This site is more or less a documentation I would like to share with you.
The cab ist almost done!

I wish to thank all the people over the world who gave me ideas, thoughts, reflections, nice discussions and knowledge to achieve this, especially on the BYOAC-forum.


Centipede extended with Centipede-panel

This cab featuring

-Easy swappable controlpanel

-Automatic motorized monitor rotation

-50 cent / 2 Euro coinslots giving 1 / 5 credits per coin

-19" WellsGardner U3100 arcade vga monitor

-Stereo sound via car-amplifier

-Leaf switch buttons, switchable 4/8-way joystick, trackball, Atari start buttons, Wico leaf-joysticks

-Start buttons lightened up by several games

-Pinball-buttons on side & front for more realistic pinball-experience

-Kids-secure Shiftbutton

-Custom / selfmade frontend

-Automatic favorite list creation of most played games

-Panel-recognition and automatic sorting out of games not playable with actual panel

-Starts randomly games when not in use for some time

-tons of work :)

Check for updates!

Carsten 'Carlos' / Spektakulum


3. January 2007

To do: Adding some minor frontend-features, replacing the keyboard-holding with an aluminimum one.

If you find any mistakes or have questions, just mail me!


Meet me in our german arcade-forum (alias "Spektakulum")


Or here at the big US-forum ("Carsten Carlos")


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